I have now been out little more than 2 weeks and I caught myself thinking about the people I've met and the stereotypes confirmed and rejected, my somewhat naive belief in the good and bad in people being the major determinator in the difference between us people as well as just the sheer amazement about the natural world we live in. A wanderlust has truly been awakened.
Back to the people though, to give an example, me and Gustav where walking around Hung Hom station in Hong Kong looking to get the train to Guangzhou looking rather lost. A middle aged woman on her way to her train comes up to us and asks us where we need to go and then leads us all the way, makes sure we get the right tickets and then leaves as if it was the most ordinary thing to do, helping a complete stranger without any direct reward except our gratitude. It should be added we got the last two tickets of the day, two tickets that had just been returned and if we hadn't gotten the help from the kind lady they would have gone to the people that arrived to the ticket office just after us. Moral of the story? I don't know, you tell me.

PS. We love taxi drivers in Kuala Lumpur. DS.

Alexander SilfverComment